Exporting translated Android Applications

To download
  1. Click Share and then Download... in translation workbench, or
  2. Select the translation in your translations list page and click Download
  3. Google Translator Toolkit will download your translation as an Android Resource (.xml) file
  4. Store the translated strings.xml in a locale-specific resource directory in Android. Learn more.


Suppose that your application's default language is English. Suppose also that you want to localize all the text in your application to French, and most of the text in your application (everything except the application's title) to Japanese. In this case, you could create three alternative strings.xml files, each stored in a locale-specific resource directory:

  1. res/values/strings.xml: contains English text for all the strings that the application uses, including text for a string named title.
  2. res/values-fr/strings.xml: contain French text for all the strings, including title.
  3. res/values-ja/strings.xml: contain Japanese text for all the strings except title.
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