Uploading Android Applications

Important: When translating an Android application, you may not want to share your translations with other users.  To prevent saving your translations to the global, shared translation memory, create an unshared, translation memory first and select this translation memory sharing option for your Android application.

To upload:
  1. From res/values/strings.xml, export a copy of strings.xml.  Learn more
  2. From Translator Toolkit, click Upload at the top of the sidebar in your translations list page.
  3. Click the Upload a file tab.
  4. Select the strings.xml file you'd like to upload by following the prompts.
  5. Select the languages you're translating from and into.
  6. Click Share and select the translation memory that you want to use with your translation.  Learn more
  7. Optionally, select the translation glossary that you want to use with your translation.  Learn more
  8. Click Upload for translation.

Not working?
When uploading, keep in mind that there are some file-size and file-type limits. Learn more
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