Ad text translation

When localizing ads, please keep the following in mind:
  • Localize, don't translate, the ad text. Learn more
  • Click on the ad title line to view the landing page in the source locale, and compare this with the landing page in the target locale.
  • Make sure to change the translated ad's destination URL to the localized landing page for the campaign.  

Localizing ad text
Translate your AdWords campaign ad text using Translator Toolkit's group of tools including glossaries, translation memories, and dictionaries.  Learn more

Remember to localize and not literally translate your ad text.  As you accumulate localized ad text in your translation memory, Translator Toolkit will reuse your previous translations to pre-localize subsequent ad text.  

Ad text policy
When localizing ad text, make sure to stay within the character limits specified by AdWords ad text length policy.  Learn more  

When your translation violates this policy, you get an error message that shows the length of your ad text.  To avoid receiving the error message, enter only the correct character length.

Keyword insertion
Keyword insertion is an advanced feature that can help make your ad relevant to a more diverse audience.  Learn more

When you upload a campaign that uses keyword insertion, Translator Toolkit converts keyword insertion tags into placeholders that appear as span HTML tags.  Placeholders prevent translators from translating keyword directives in your ad text.  Learn more  

Translator Toolkit automatically preserves keyword insertion in your localized ad text.  To remove keyword insertion in your localized ad, remove the placeholder from the translation. Learn more about placeholders.

If your original language ad is:
Buy {Keyword:Cameras} Today
Customer Reviews and Ratings.
Buy Online.  Free Shipping.
In Translator Toolkit, the translation for the title line is replaced with:
Comprar {0}Camaras{/0} Hoy
where {Keyword: is replaced with {0} and } is replaced with {/0}.  When you export the translation from Translator Toolkit, the title line is converted back to:
Comprar {Keyword:Camaras} Hoy
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