Keyword translation

Translate your AdWords campaign keywords using Translator Toolkit's group of tools including glossaries, translation memories, and dictionaries.  Learn more

Localizing keywords and negatives
Remember to localize and not literally translate your keywords and negatives.  As you accumulate localized keywords in your translation memory, Translator Toolkit will reuse your previous translations to pre-localize subsequent keywords and negatives.  

Deleting keywords and duplicate keywords
Google shows only one ad per advertiser on a particular keyword, so there's no need to include duplicate keywords in different ad groups or campaigns. Identical keywords compete against each other, and the better-performing keyword triggers your ad.  Translator Toolkit marks duplicate keywords in your campagins as errors.   To delete a keyword from your campaign:
  1. Change the translation for one of the duplicate keywords
  2. Right-click on the keyword and select Delete keyword
To quickly delete all duplicate keywords in your campaign, right-click on any keyword and select Delete all duplicate keywords.  This keeps the first occurence of the keyword and delets all duplicates across all ad groups in your campaign.  

Adding keywords
Right now, Google Translator Toolkit does not support keyword addition.  The product is a work in progress and we're continually adding functions and features. We've heard from users that keyword addition is something that we should make a high priority, so we've done that and we hope to launch support for keyword addition soon.

When translating keywords, please keep the following in mind:
  • Localize, don't translate, the keywords. Learn more
  • Use Keyword Tool to find alternative keywords for your target language
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