Reaching new customers

Translator Toolkit helps you reach new customers by automatically translating your AdWords keywords and ad text. By sharing your AdWords campaigns with professional translators or multilingual optimizers, you and your collaborators can adapt your campaigns to local languages faster and better through professional tools that include translation memories and glossaries.


Before you translate and run your AdWords campaigns in other languages, keep in mind:
  1. Your landing pages should be localized and, if applicable, your payment and other support systems should be ready for export.  
  2. Translators and multilingual optimizers should review and correct Translator Toolkit's pretranslation of your web pages, keywords and ad text. Professionals can ensure that foreign-language customers understand the jargon, colloquial expressions, and other text that exist in your web pages and campaigns.


Make sure you localize, not translate, your AdWords campaigns into other languages. Localization is the adaptation, not the word-for-word translation, of text into a target language. For example:

  • English original: Cool tips!
  • Spanish translation: ¡Consejos frescos!
  • Spanish localization: ¡Consejos geniales!
“Cool” is an English-specific reference that does not translate into Spanish.  In Spanish, the translation for “great” may be more appropriate.
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