Translating hidden text

Often, HTML pages and other file formats include text that are not included in the normal flow of the HTML page, but should be translated to fully translate the page. Examples of such text are:

  • HTML titles, which appear in your browser's title bar
  • alternative or 'alt' text, which appears only when users mouse over links or images embedded in an HTML page
  • button names (such as 'Submit,' 'OK,' or 'Cancel')
  • values for drop-down lists
  • footnotes and reference text

To preserve the flow of the text in the main page that you are translating, we do not include this text in the body of the translation. Instead, we add this 'hidden text' to the bottom of the translation.

There are two types of hidden text: HTML elements (such as the page's title) and HTML attributes (such as alternative text). Regardless of the type of hidden text, they should be translated to fully bring the page into the target language.

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