Word count and translation completion

Word count

Google Translator Toolkit counts and displays the number of words in the source text. In addition to displaying the word count in the translation list view and the editor, Google Translator Toolkit also uses this source word count to calculate % complete.

Translation completion

As you translate, Google Translator Toolkit increments your translation's % complete property. Here's how it works:

  • When you first upload the file or URL, we count segments that were pre-filled with human translation as completed. For example, let's say you completely translate a 90-word document, "hello.txt", this week into French. The following week, you receive an updated copy of "hello.txt" which has one more, 10-word sentence than last week's version, for a total of 100 words in the updated file. If you load this updated copy into Google Translator Toolkit, the new translation would be 90% complete: from the previous translation of "hello.txt", Google Translator Toolkit would have pre-filled 90 of 100 words with human translation.
  • As you translate a file, we increment the % complete property based on the number of words that you have translated. For example, let's say you are translating a 100-word file into Chinese and you are starting from 0%: if the first segment is ten words, Google Translator Toolkit increments % complete by 10 words/100 total words, or 10%, once you finish that segment.
  • Machine translation does not count in % complete, even if the machine translation is perfect. Thus, even if you complete a translation, it may not reach 100% complete if you haven't made any changes to the machine-translated segments. To manually mark the translation 100% complete, click Edit > Translation complete from the editor.

Note: The % complete in the translation list is updated asynchronously from the editor; it may not immediately reflect the latest changes you make in the translation editor.

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