Keyboard shortcuts for Translate toolkit

Use the keyboard shortcuts below to make changes in the Translator Toolkit without lifting your fingers off the keyboard. 

Shortcut What it does
Ctrl+Shift+K Open or close toolkit
Ctrl+Shift+S Replace translation with source text
Ctrl+Shift+M Replace translation with machine translation (if available)
Ctrl+Shift+L Replace translation with translation memory entry. If there are multiple matches in the translation memory, keep clicking Ctrl+Shift+L to cycle through the translation memory matches.
Ctrl+Shift+A Start automatic translation search
Ctrl+Shift+C Start custom translation search (concordance). If the toolkit is closed and you highlight source text before clicking Ctrl+Shift+C, Translator Toolkit starts concordance search of the highlighted text.
Ctrl+Shift+U Clear all placeholders
Ctrl+Shift+I Automatically insert placeholders
Ctrl+G Toggle Transliteration

Note: If you use a Mac, you can use the shortcuts above by replacing Ctrl with Command key (or 'Apple' key).

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