Supported browsers and operating systems

Here's a table of browsers and operating systems that support Google Translator Toolkit.

  Windows XP/NT Windows Vista Mac OSX
Google Chrome X X  
Safari 3   X
Safari 4  X
Internet Explorer 6 X  
Internet Explorer 7 XX 
Firefox 3 XXX

*Other browsers may work with Google Translator Toolkit, but we're only able to provide support for the ones listed above.

No matter what browser you use, you need to allow cookies and enable JavaScript to use Google Translator Toolkit.

If you get a Javascript error when you open the translation editor in Internet Explorer 8, please try one of the following:
  • On the Internet Explorer 8 tool bar, click Tools > Compatibility View Settings. In the "Add this website:" field, type "", click Add, and click Close.
  • Use one of the supported browsers.
If you're still having problems, please contact us. Please include your browser's version number from Help > About Internet Explorer.
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