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Updated: Yesterday
I am unable to contribute to Kurdish (Sorani) on the google translate contributions page! I have gone on other devices and used other accounts but the problem still persists. I can contribut… Google Translate: Android app - web app sync Hi! My android app won't sync translating history with Google Translate in web. Actually, in some re…
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Translate from English to Karen? Need translation from English to Karen. It doesn't save the word which we copy in the browser and tap on the uper Google translate bar . I wanna remember the translation word by saving it in my Google translate without wasting time, It d…
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Different translation with Website Translator and with Text Translator I noticed that there is a big difference by using the Text Translator and by using Website Translato…
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Can you translate this for me to English? Samenvatting boek Cedric Errol is de hoofdpersoon in het boek. Hij is de jongste zoon van Captain Ce…
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Translation not working for me translation not working
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Why u dont have Bhojpuri, Gorakhpuri and Varadi language😠😠😠😠 Why u dont have Bhojpuri, Gorakhpuri and Varadi language😠😠😠😠??? This languages have their own famous…
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Google spreadsheet translations not correct I am using the translation feature on google spreadsheets and I'm getting wrong or no translations f… Japanese word doesn't correlate to the Romanji given. I find many Japanese words that have different Romanji then to how it's pronounced. I wanted to let … Hi Google translator is not working in my Samsung A70 can I get some help I cannot share my translate message in WhatsApp or Facebook and it is not trsnsloing in my keyboard
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Need Cantonese as voice translation. Cantonese is not available as voice option. Need to install as option as it’s phonetically different…
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