Download languages to use offline

You can download languages onto your device. This lets you translate them even without an Internet connection.

After you’ve downloaded a language to your device, you may be able to translate it using the camera. See languages that allow instant camera translations.

To avoid slow downloads or extra data usage charges, only download languages when you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

Choose and download languages

  1. Open the Translate app .
  2. Next to the languages on either side of the screen, tap the Down Arrow Down Arrow.
  3. Right next to the language you want to download, tap Download Download. If it’s not there, the language can’t be downloaded.
  4. When prompted to download the language file, tap Download.

Next to each language saved on your device, you’ll see Downloaded Downloaded.

Note: Your device has pre-downloaded Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, French, Italian and German.

Update or remove languages

  1. Open the Translate app .
  2. Tap Menu Menu and then Offline translation.
  3. You’ll see a list of the languages available.
    • To update a language you’ve already downloaded, tap Update.
    • To delete a language from your device, tap Remove Remove the downloaded package. When asked if you want to remove the offline package, tap Ok.

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