Taotletud leht pole praegu teie keeles saadaval. Saate lehe allosas valida teise keele või kohe tõlkida mis tahes veebilehe oma valitud keelde, kasutades Google Chrome'i sisseehitatud tõlkefunktsiooni.

Help improve Google Translate

To help others better understand your language, you can submit feedback to Google Translate Contribute. We pay special attention to written languages used widely across the web, as well as languages with passionate contributors who can help make improvements to translation quality.

Learn more about Google Translate Contribute.

Translations reviewed by contributors

You can contribute to Google Translate when you review translations. If your review is marked as correct, Google Translate may show your translation with a badge .

Become a contributor

  1. Go to Google Translate
  2. Sign in with your Google account.
  3. At the bottom, click Contribute .
  4. Follow the steps to complete sign up.

Translate a new word or phrase

Important: We may show your contributions to other users but won’t identify you. Do not include anything private or personal.

When you click Translate, Google Translate shows you words or phrases to translate into your language. To change the language you want to translate, at the top, click the language dropdown menu Down Arrow Keyboard.

Translation tips

Translate the word or phrase the same way you’d speak or write it. Correct any grammatical errors. For example, if the translation says, "How old is you," update to, "How old are you?"

Use the same:

  • Capitalization.
  • Tone, whether it’s formal or informal.
  • Idioms and slang.

If the translation doesn’t include important information like the subject’s gender or relationship to you, translate it the way you think it should be written.

Validate translations & contribute on the Translate homepage

  1. Go to the Translate Contribute homepage.
  2. To get several translations of a word or phrase into your language, click Validate
  3. Mark which ones are right or wrong.
Tip: You must join Translate Contribute to contribute directly on the Translate homepage. To start, click Contribute . You can make contributions in the side panel.

Assess & suggest translations

Important: Other users who contribute to Google Translate may review your suggested translation. If your review is marked as correct, Google Translate may show your translation with a badge .

To improve your language, you can assess or suggest changes to translations in Google Translate.

  1. Click  to assess the translation, or choose Suggest an edit.
  2. Enter a new translation in the text box.
  3. Click Submit.

Review your translation contribution history

  1. Go to Google Translate
  2. Sign in with your Google account.
  3. At the bottom, click Contribute Community .
  4. To find your contributions, in the right-side panel, scroll and click Impact.

Translate text with beta models

You can get translations for some languages that aren't currently available in Google Translate using beta models.

To use beta models:

  1. Click Contribute .
  2. In the “Contribute” panel, click Evaluate beta translations.
  3. In the translation box, enter the text you want to translate.

Tip: The beta model shows you several translations of your text. You can choose to provide feedback on each of these translations.


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