Help improve Google Translate

You can help make our translations better, and even add new languages as part of the Google Translate Community.

We pay special attention to written languages that native speakers can help us translate and that are used a lot on the web.

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Translations Verified by Community

Members of the Translate Community contribute by validating translations. Translations with many "correct" votes appear in Google Translate with a badge Badge.

Join the Google Translate Community

  1. Visit
  2. Sign in with your Google account.
  3. At the bottom, click Community Community.
  4. Follow the steps to complete sign up.

Translate a new word or phrase

When you click Translate, Google Translate shows you words or phrases to translate into your language.  Change which language you’re translating by clicking the language dropdown menu Down Arrow Keyboard at the top.

Tips for translating

Translate the word or phrase the same way you’d speak or write it. Correct any grammar errors. For example, if the translation says, "How old is you," update to, "How old are you?"

Use the same:

  • Capitalization
  • Tone, like formal or informal
  • Idioms and slang

If you’re missing important information, like the subject’s gender or relationship to you, translate it the way you think it should be written.

Important: We might show your contributions to other users (without identifying you), so don’t include anything private or personal.

Validate translations or contribute directly on Translate homepage

When you click Validate on the Translate Community homepage, Google Translate shows you several translations of a word or phrase into your language. Mark which ones are right and wrong.

After you join the Translate Community, you can make contributions on the Translate homepage. To start, click Community Community. You can make contributions in the right-side panel.

Suggest an edit to a translation

You can propose a change in Google Translate to improve your language. If you see a translation that’s not ideal, suggest an Edit Google Translate Pencil Icon

Your suggestion will be adopted once validated by the Translate Community. Validated translations are shown to all users, and given a badge Badge.

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