Vehicle position feeds minimum specification

Google Transit allows you to use realtime (RT) data over General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) static by adding vehicle positions data in your feed. Vehicle position provides Transit users with updates on the location of a vehicle, allowing users to plan their trips more efficiently. This article lists the minimum requirements for a working feed of vehicle positions.

How it works

Before you create a GTFS-realtime feed, you need to have a working GTFS static feed. After you’ve created a working GTFS static feed, you can sign up to share your RT feed to show users your vehicle positions. 

In order for vehicle positions to show accurate arrival and departure estimates, we require, at minimum, the list of fields shown below:

Field name Required? Description
entity Yes (maps_transit.FeedEntity)
entity_id Yes Keep this stable until trip is updated
vehicle (position) Yes (maps_transit.VehiclePosition)
trip Yes (maps_transit.TripDescriptor)
trip_id Yes Uniquely identifies a trip from the static
start_time Yes Required for frequency-based trips
start_date Yes Required for frequency-based trips
schedule_relationship Yes SCHEDULED or other appropriate
position Yes (maps_transit.Position)
latitude Yes Degrees north in the WGS-84 coordinate system
longitude Yes Degrees east in the WGS-84 coordinate system
bearing Optional Might be used in the future
speed Optional Might be used in the future
timestamp Yes Epoch timestamp of when the position of the vehicle was obtained in seconds
vehicle (descriptor) Yes (maps_transit.VehicleDescriptor)
id Yes This must uniquely and stably identify a vehicle over the entire trip duration

 Example code

entity {   
  id: "entity_id"        

  vehicle: {     
     trip: {       
        trip_id: "270856"
        start_time: "09:42:00"        
        start_date: "20170313"
        schedule_relationship: SCHEDULED  

     position: {   
        latitude : -32.92627
        longitude: 151.78036
        bearing  : 91.0   
        speed    : 9.8     
     timestamp: 1527621931  
     vehicle: {    
        id   : "bus-234"  

For more details on trip descriptors, check out the TripDescriptors for TripUpdate and VehiclePosition article.

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