Schedulator: Trip Schedule Table

Below the summary is a schedule table:

Simple schedule table

This includes all the trips for this route and direction. The stops are shown in the order that best fits all the trips. If the stops can’t be ordered consistently for all the trips, then some trips may have their stops shown out of order. These will be displayed like this:

Stop orders cannot be resolved

This is because the two trips have the same stops in different orders - one of them has to show the stops out of order and the out of order cells are shaded yellow.

Sometimes trips use different stops - for example, bus stops on different sides of the road. In this case, the trip schedule table can look like this:

Trips that use different stops

These are usually caused by not specifying the direction indicator in the trips, but they don’t necessarily indicate problems.

The trip columns include up to two additional indicators:

  • If the trip includes frequencies - this indicates that the trip repeats. The frequency rules will be displayed in the trip information tooltip.
  • (a dollar sign) if the trip is subject to fares. Fares will be shown in the trip and stop popups.

All cells in the schedule table have tooltips, and can be clicked on. Clicking on a stop will display that stop in the map, clicking on a trip cell will display that trip in the map and clicking on a time cell will display that stop and trip.