Schedulator Route Direction Report Page

The direction report page shows all trips that belong to the same route (or group of routes, see image below) and that have the same direction.

Route Direction page. You can view a larger version of the image here if desired.

The top of the page has a table that includes route, agency and headsign information. If multiple routes have been included, they are each listed.

The next section is fare information. This table shows fare rules that apply to the trips and stops. The column “Local Rules” are the fare rules that apply - this means to this route, or to a zone belonging to one of this route’s stops. The column “All Rules” shows all the rules for this fare, including those for other routes, stops or zones.

The rest of the page is taken up with a map, the service definitions, and the schedule table.

At the very top of the page is a stop and trip search box. If you search for a stop that is used by the trips on this page, it will highlight it in the map, and if you search for a trip, it will display the trip in the map.