Launch Process


The goal of Google’s quality requirements is to create the best possible user experience with your data. Your feed should be compliant with these quality requirements before it is launched to the general public.

There are some general rules that apply to all user facing content, including route names, trip headsigns, trip short names, stop names, stop headsigns and agency names:

  • Keep the naming consistent with the naming you use in your own materials and signage.
  • Use the local language.
  • Names should not contain strange characters or strange spacing. For example, don't use "#Regent's Avenue %204 - City Center". Instead, use "204 Regent's Avenue - City Center".
  • Avoid abbreviations unless they are very common abbreviations (for example NYC, LA).
  • Should use sentence case capitalization. "ALL UPPER CASE" or “all lower case” is fine as well and will be automatically transformed into “Sentence case”. “MIXED casing” needs to be fixed.
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