Schedule Viewer

The Schedule Viewer tool reads your GTFS feed file and generates an interactive web page that you can open by pointing your internet browser at the URL “http://localhost:8765”, showing your feed data on top of a Google Map of the covered area. It is the ideal tool to check if your stops are in the right place, if your routes follow the right itinerary, and if your trip schedules are well-implemented. 

It has an interactive user interface similar to Google Maps, with search options in the left pane and map and feed data displayed in the right pane. You can search for trips and stops by ID or choose them from a list showing all routes. 

By zooming in until street level you can check the locations in your feed in detail and see if the shapes follow the roads on the map. Clicking on stop locations will bring up an info bubble with detailed information about the stop. In the Schedule Viewer articles you can find some general guidelines to test your feed using the Schedule Viewer.

The Schedule Viewer user interface explained. You can view a full sized image here if desired.

Zoom in on street level to check stop locations and shapes.

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