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A Trip represents a journey taken by a vehicle through Stops. Trips are time-specific. They are defined as a sequence of StopTimes, so a single Trip represents one journey along a transit line or route.

Headsign information

Although not mandatory, we recommend providing a trip_headsign that indicates the direction of the trip. It should not duplicate the values in the route_short_name or route_long_name and should not start with direction pointers like "to" or “towards”.

For loop trips, we recommend providing stop_headsigns in stop_times.txt, if possible. Stop_headsigns are added to each stop of a trip and allow you to change the headsign information along a trip.

Block transfers

Block transfers take place between trips that have the same block_id. A block transfer can be used when a vehicle changes from one line to another (the end of one Trip to the start of a different Trip), but passengers are able to stay on board. In this case, you can set the block_id field to indicate that the trips are in the same block.

Other fields

The trip_short_name contains the text that appears in schedules and sign boards to identify the trip to passengers, for example, to identify train numbers for commuter rail trips. If riders do not commonly rely on trip names, please leave this field blank.

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