Launch Process


(fields involved: routes.txt - route_short_name, route_long_name, route_type, route_color, route_text_color, route_url)

  • Names have to match with real-world equivalents.
  • Route names
    • Should not contain words like "line" or "route".
    • Should be written in the local language.
    • Should use sentence case capitalization like "New York" instead of "NEW YORK".
    • Should not contain strange characters or strange spacing. For example, don't use "#Regent's Avenue %204 - City Center", use "204 Regent's Avenue - City Center".
  • The value of the route_short_name field should usually be a number or a short identifier. It should not be duplicated in the route_long_name field, as they are generally shown next to each other.
  • Avoid abbreviations unless they are very common abbreviations (for example NYC, LA).
  • Route_color and route_text_color fields:
    • Should contain a color consistent with your published maps as it makes it easier for the users to recognize the route.
    • Should contain contrasting colors for text and background, as they are used for displaying route names. When left blank, route_text_color defaults to 000000 (black) and route_color defaults to FFFFFF (white). A common source of issues here is setting route_color to a dark color, while leaving route_text_color set to black. In this case, route_text_color should 'be set to a lighter color like FFFFFF to ensure a legible contrast between the two.
  • Provide route URLs in the route_url field if you have a web site with more information about the particular route.
  • The GTFS field “route_desc” in routes.txt is not used.

Impact of route quality requirements on the graphical user interface: names, type, url.


Impact of route quality requirements on the graphical user interface: text and background color.