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Google Micromobility lets you find public micromobility travel options and real-time vehicle availability in Google Maps. With Micromobility, your information becomes accessible to millions of mobile Google users in various languages. It can also make eco-friendly trip planning quick and easy for users.

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Google Micromobility makes last-mile trip planning easier for your riders. It integrates vehicle locations and your app launcher into Google Maps. Micromobility providers can:

  • Reach more riders: Link users to your app, which helps new and experienced riders discover your services.
  • Provide worldwide coverage: Google Maps supports multiple languages, which helps users plan trips in their native language with a familiar system.
  • Partner with Google Micromobility for free: Any provider that offers public Micromobility options can participate. This includes people with bikes, e-bikes, and scooters. All you have to do is integrate your vehicle availability data.
Tip: There's currently no support for mopeds.

Participation requirements

To keep a high standard for user experience, the Google Micromobility Partner Program asks partners to meet certain requirements.

Important: You can only use Google Micromobility in countries that have the cycling feature available in Google Maps. We plan to expand the feature to more countries. For future updates about availability, visit our Developer Site.

To participate, make sure your Micromobility agency can provide:

To get started with Google Micromobility, contact us.

Tip: Agents and data aggregators may qualify if they represent or produce Micromobility feeds, Brand assets, and deep links for a Micromobility provider that meets these requirements.

Content requirements

Google Micromobility reviews your data to make sure it meets quality standards. If your information meets these standards,  it shows up on Google Maps and is accessible to Google users. Learn more about Feed Specification.

Provide General Bikeshare Feed Specification (GBFS) data

For your micromobility information to show up on Google Maps, General Bikeshare Feed Specification (GBFS) data is required.

  • GBFS data includes System Information, Vehicle Information, and Station Information.
  • Your content must follow the General Bikeshare Feed Specification (GBFS) format.
  • Google Micromobility partners must make sure that data refreshes at least every minute.

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