How to categorize & display alerts

Important: The images in this article are from Google Maps on Android. The interface for Maps on Desktop and iOS might display differently.

There are 3 main alert categories in Google Maps:

  • Critical
  • Warning
  • Informational

Each category appears differently. They're determined by the effect field.

Categorize alerts

Effect Alert
Alert text Alert color
NO_SERVICE Critical No service Red
SIGNIFICANT_DELAYS Critical Significant delays Red
REDUCED_SERVICE Warning Reduced service Orange
DETOUR Warning Detour Orange
MODIFIED_SERVICE Warning Modified schedule Orange
STOP_MOVED Warning Stop moved Orange
ADDITIONAL_SERVICE Informational Extra service Blue
Informational Information Blue

COVID-19 messaging

Agencies can create COVID-19-related messages. When the cause field shows a MEDICAL_EMERGENCY value and the effect field shows OTHER_EFFECT or UNKNOWN_EFFECT, the alert heading says "COVID-19 information" with a “Warning” alert category. Any other effect value won’t change the alert heading or category.

Where & how alerts display

Alerts are currently represented in different ways and show up in 5 different areas on Google Maps.

Routing results page
Routing results
Trip details page
Trip details alert
Alert details page
Alert details
Departure boards of a transit stop
Departure boards alert
Under each journey listed in the "Commute" tab
Commute journey alert
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