Cancel trips with Alert

To cancel trips across the network, you’ll need to select the affected entities, which can be a combination of agencies, routes (single or bi-directional), stops, and/or trips. Learn more about how to select an entity.

Learn more about how to cancel a single trip on short notice.

When you select the entity, specify NO_SERVICE in the effect field to use an Alert to plan cancellations.

For example:

alert {
  informed_entity {
    trip: {
      trip_id: "T"
      start_date: "20200820"
      start_time: "07:00:00"
  effect: NO_SERVICE

 Planned cancellations using Alert will have the following effects on routing results:

Search results

  • The affected trips will be marked as “cancelled” in routing results under the section “Disrupted Journeys”.

Planned cancellation routing results

Trip Details

  • When you select the cancelled trip, it’ll be marked as cancelled in the trip details page.

Cancelled trip in details page

Departure board of a stop

  • The cancelled trip will be removed from the departure board of a stop.

Cancelled trip removed from the departure board


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