Tour Creator FAQ

Can I use Tour Creator with my account?

If you have a G Suite Business account, Tour Creator is on by default, unless your administrator disabled it. If you can’t sign in to Tour Creator, contact your administrator.

How do I enable audio in a tour on Poly?

To enable audio on Poly, click the gear menu in the tour on the upper right corner. You can then enable audio and narration if it's present.
Note: You will have to enable audio for each tour that has audio and/or narration, not each scene.

Can I save my tour and edit it later?

Yes! All your changes are saved automatically in Tour Creator. You can edit your tours at any time in Tour Creator. Your tours will appear on the homepage of the Tour Creator. Simply click through an existing tour’s cover photo to keep editing. For details, see Edit your tour.
After you publish a tour, you can still edit it and re-publish it. Your changes will be included in the newly-published version of your tour. For details, see Publish your tour.

Do I have to add a category to my tour?

Categories help your tours ultimately get found on Poly where your tours will be hosted when they're published. If you don't wish other people to find them, or don’t want your tours to be categorized, these fields are optional. You can also use hashtags in your tour description to make it more easily searchable on Poly.

Are there any limitations or requirements I should know about?

Currently, photospheres require a 2:1 aspect ratio. We will be lifting this requirement in the future to make this less cumbersome.

How do I add image overlays to points of interest in my tour?

To add an image overlay on a point of interest, beneath the point of interest that you’ve added, click Insert image Insert image and you will be presented with the option to upload an image.

What type of cameras are recommended with Tour Creator use?

A Ricoh Theta camera is recommended, but any camera that takes 360 photospheres should work well with Tour Creator.

Can I create a tour with a 180 camera?

Yes -- tours can be created with both 180° and 360° cameras.

What's the optimal length for a tour?

Tours can vary in length, but we recommend 5-7 photospheres per tour.

How do I embed my tour on my website?

You can embed your tour by heading to your tour’s page on Poly. From there, click Share and then click Embed Embed. The embed code will automatically appear and you can copy and paste directly from that window.

Will other people be able to see the tours I create?

You have the option to publish your tours as public or unlisted. Unlisted tours can only be seen by those with the direct link and will not appear in search or browse. Public tours will be visible to all. For more information, see Publish your tour.

How can I view my tour using Tour Creator?

Once you’ve completed your tour using Tour Creator, you’ll publish it to Poly to view. You can publish your tour publicly, so it is available for anyone to view. You can also choose to publish the tour as unlisted, so only users with the link can view the tour.
  • You can view your tour on Android and iOS mobile devices or computers.
  • You can view your tour with a cardboard approved VR headset.
  • You can embed your tour onto your or your school’s website.

Can I copy or back up my tours?

There's no way to copy, back up, or change the owner for Tour Creator tours. If you want to delete your account or an original tour, we recommend using Google Drive to save all assets in case you ever need to recreate.

Why isn't Tour Creator working correctly on iOS?

If you have iOS 12.2 or higher, make sure Motion & Orientation Access is turned on:
  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap Safari.
  3. Under "Privacy & Security," turn On Motion & Orientation Access.

As a G Suite admin, how do I give users access to Tour Creator?

Make sure you follow the instructions to turn on Tour Creator for all users in G Suite.