Publish a tour

All tours you create in Tour Creator can be published as unlisted or public to Poly, Google’s library for 3D assets and experiences. To learn more about Poly, visit the Poly Help Center.

You can publish your tour to Poly to be viewed by anyone on the web, whether on desktop or on a mobile device, or in VR using Cardboard (available for Android and iOS). Look for the VR icon on mobile to view your tour in VR. Or, you can keep your tour unlisted and share the URL with anyone. Note: VR support on iOS is generally limited. For the best experience, try viewing your tour in Safari

Unlisted tours can only be seen by those with the direct link and won’t appear in search results. Public tours are visible to all users and they'll be easily shareable and viewable.

Publish your tour

  1. Create your tour in Tour Creator.
  2. When you finish creating the tour and you're ready to publish, click Publish.
  3. Decide whether you want your tour to be public or unlisted. Public is the default.
    • To keep your tour public and available for anyone to view, click Publish.
    • To make your tour unlisted, click the Down arrow Down Arrowand then Unlisted and then Publish.
  4. Choose an option:
    • (Optional) Click the URL or View tour to see your tour in Poly. You can also click the copy icon to copy the url for the tour and paste it in another location.
    • (Optional) To see your published tour in VR, open the link on your phone and tap the VR icon in the upper right corner.
  5. Click Done to close the publish dialog.

To enable audio on Poly, click the gear menu in the tour on the upper right corner. You can then enable audio and narration if it's present. Note: You will have to enable audio for each tour that has audio and/or narration, not each scene.

Share your tour

  1. If you didn’t open your tour in Poly from Tour Creator, open Poly, sign in, and find your tour in Your profile.

    To find your profile, click Menu Menu and then Your profile.

    1. You can also view your published tour directly from Tour Creator
      1. Go to Tour Creator and sign in.
      2. On the tour you want to view, click More More and then View published tour.
  2. Choose one of several options:
    • Copy the link to share it with your students if your tour is unlisted.
    • To share your tour on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, click the icon and follow the instructions.
    • To embed your tour on a website, click Share Share and then Embed Embed.

      Copy the code and paste it wherever you want to embed your tour.