Google Toolbar basics

Get started with Google Toolbar

There's lots to see and do online. Google Toolbar is designed to help you find what you're looking for quickly and discover new things along the way.

Search with Toolbar Instant

When you start to type your search term in the Toolbar search box, you’ll automatically see results for a popular search that begins with those letters. Keep typing and the results will dynamically update. Get the information you need, even before you finish typing your search. Learn more about Toolbar Instant

View your Google Bookmarks from any computer

Instead of memorizing the addresses to all your favorite websites, save time by creating Google Bookmarks. Google Bookmarks are saved to your Google Account and can be accessed from any computer through Toolbar's Bookmarks menu or the Google Bookmarks homepageLearn more about Google Bookmarks

 Translate websites into more than 40 languages

View instant translations for individual words by rolling your cursor over an English word, or automagically translate entire websties on-the-fly into more than 40 languages. Learn more about Translate

 Complete forms with AutoFill

Don't waste time entering the same name, address, and phone number every time you fill out a form on the web. Instead, create an AutoFill profile to complete forms with a single click. You can create separate profiles for your work and home information. Learn more about AutoFill

 Check your spelling

Click the Spell check button to check your spelling on emails and contact forms. Misspelled words turn red. click misspelled words to choose from a list of suggested spellings. Corrected words turn green. When you're done, click the Spell check button again to turn off the feature. Learn more about Spell check

+1 pages to share your interests

Click the +1 button to publicly recommend the page on the web. You can also use the +1 button to share pages with your friends via email or with your circles on Google+. Learn more about the +1 button

See Google+ notifications anytime

If you use Google, you can get Google+ notifications directly on the Toolbar. The notification button automatically shows up on the Toolbar whenever you are signed in to a Google+ account. Whenever you get a new notification, the button turns red and shows a count of your unread notifications. Learn more about Google+ notifications

Sign in to view your Google Profile and sync your settings

When you sign in to your Google Account on Toolbar, you get quick access to your Google Profile. You'll also be able to save your Toolbar settings (like your custom buttons and your AutoFill profile information) to your Google Account so you can access them from any computer with an Internet connection. Learn more about syncing Toolbar settings

 Customize your Toolbar

Customize your Toolbar by clicking the wrench icon to open the Toolbar Options window. Remove button text labels, enable or disable Toolbar features, and more. When you're done adjusting your settings, click Save.