Keyboard shortcuts

Here's a list of keyboard shortcuts for Toolbar:

Alt+G: This shortcut moves the cursor to the Toolbar's search box. From the search box, press the down arrow to open and move through the drop-down menu of search types, like Google Images or Google Maps. To perform a search, type your search terms and press Enter.

Tab: From the search box, press the Tab key to move to the first button next to the search box. From here, use the arrow keys to move horizontally right and left across the Toolbar. Press the Spac e bar to go to a button's site, or, if the button has a menu, to open that button's menu.

Arrow keys: Once you've tabbed to a button, you can access its drop-down menu with the down arrow key. You can browse the drop-down menu using the up and down arrows, and sub-menus can be opened and closed with the right and left arrow keys, respectively. To select a menu item, press Enter.