Essential tools

By adding Google Toolbar to your browser, you'll always have these web browsing tools available at your fingertips:

Translate Translate: View instant translations for individual words by rolling your cursor over an English word, or automagically translate entire websites on-the-fly into more than 40 languages.

Bookmarks Bookmarks: No need to memorize the addresses to all your favorite websites. Instead, you can save them as Google Bookmarks. Google Bookmarks are saved to your Google Account and can be accessed from any computer through Toolbar's Bookmarks menu.

Spell check Spell check: Check your spelling whenever you fill out a form or write an email. Click misspelled words that turn red to choose from a list of suggested spellings. Corrected words turn green.

AutoFill AutoFill: Create an AutoFill profile to complete forms on the Internet with a single click. That way, you don't have to type your name, phone number, email, home and billing addresses each time you fill out a form. You can even create multiple profiles for your work or home information.

Share Share: Want to share this help article (or any other webpage you're on) with a friend? Click the Share button on your Google Toolbar to share webpages via your social networks, email, and blogs.

Download Google Toolbar today to try these tools and enhance your web browsing experience. Then learn how you can further personalize the Toolbar with custom buttons and bookmarks.

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