Google Toolbar basics

Personalize your Toolbar

Google Toolbar gives you easy access to your favorite sites and tools, no matter what computer you're using. Here are some tips for customizing the Toolbar:

Sign in to see your stuff: Save your Toolbar settings to your Google Account by signing in to the Toolbar. Your Toolbar settings are then synchronized across different computers where you use Toolbar. So if you're away from your primary computer, you can still access your personal info, like Google Bookmarks.

Button Gallery Add custom buttons: Add buttons to access or search your favorite websites from Toolbar. You can add buttons created by other Toolbar users from our Button Gallery, or make your own using our Google Toolbar API.

wrench Adjust Toolbar settings: Customize your Toolbar by clicking the wrench icon to open the Toolbar Options window. Remove button text labels, enable or disable Toolbar features, and more. When you're done adjusting your settings, click Save.

Search in other languages: Toolbar is available in over 40 languages! You can also choose to search country-specific versions of Google from Toolbar's search box.