Quick Scroll

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Google searches usually return good, relevant results. But sometimes, when you click on a search result, you get a page that's about a general topic and you can't find the part related to your search query! After you click on a Google search result, Quick Scroll may appear on the bottom-right corner of the page with text from the page relevant to your search query. Clicking on the text will take you to that part of the page.

Quick Scroll tries to stay out of your way, and appears only when it is likely to be useful. You can minimize Quick Scroll at any time, or restore it back to its normal size by clicking the Quick Scroll icon.

Enable or disable the Quick Scroll feature

  1. Click Toolbar's wrench wrench icon.
  2. On the Tools tab, select (or deselect) the 'Quick Scroll' checkbox.
  3. Click Save.
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