Want to share this help article with a friend? Click the Share Share button on your Google Toolbar to share webpages via your social networks, email and blogs.

Enable or disable the Share feature

  1. Click the Toolbar's wrench wrench icon.
  2. On the Share tab, select (or deselect) the 'Enable "Share" button on Toolbar to share webpages with friends using social networking services or email' checkbox.
  3. Click Save.

Use the Share feature

Click the Share button and select your desired sharing service from the drop-down menu. If you use a specific sharing service frequently, it will appear as an easy-access button on the Toolbar. You can remove buttons from Toolbar by right-clicking the button, then selecting Disable button.

Note: If you do not see a window appear after selecting your desired sharing service, check to see if your browser's pop-up blocker or a third-party toolbar's pop-up blocker is disabling it.

Choose sharing services

On the Toolbar Options window Share tab, select the checkboxes next to the sharing services that you'd like displayed as buttons on Toolbar. The default sharing service used on your Toolbar is Google+. If you do not see your desired service, click View more services at the bottom of the list.

Note: Secure and intranet pages aren't currently shareable. Also, if your email signature is garbled, you may need to configure your email client to accept UTF-8 mailto links.

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