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Tip: Instant search is currently not available in all domains and languages, but we will be making it available everywhere over the coming months. See for more information.

As you start to type your search term in the Toolbar search box, Toolbar Instant automatically shows results for a popular search that begins with those letters. If you don't see the results you want, just keep typing and the results will dynamically update. Connect to the information you need faster, even before you finish typing your search.

Enable or disable the Toolbar Instant feature

  1. Click the Toolbar's wrench wrench icon.
  2. On the General tab, select (or deselect) the "Enable Instant for faster searching and browsing" checkbox.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Restart your browser for this to take effect.

If you're concerned about seeing inappropriate content, you can enable SafeSearch at the "strict filtering" level to help avoid sites that contain adult content.

Why don't I see results appear as I type?

You won't see results appear as you type if you previously disabled the Google Instant Toolbar feature.

In addition, users on particularly slow Internet connections won't see dynamic results since we want to make sure that your search experience is as fast as possible. Lastly, certain types of search queries that may be inappropriate will not trigger results to appear automatically. Learn more about why you might not see dynamic results

The benefits

  • Save time -- Get relevant search results while you type so you spend less time searching and can go right to the web content you want.
  • Type less -- Dynamically generated results let you stop typing as soon as you see what you need. We estimate that this will reduce the average number of keystrokes by approximately 9 keystrokes per search.
  • Search smarter -- Like a conversation with the search engine, get instant feedback on whether your search terms return the type of results you want. If not, just add another word or two to see if the results are closer to what you're looking for.

Learn more about how Google Instant works.

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