Pin buttons to the Toolbar

Whenever you use a Toolbar feature within the More menu, its button is automatically pinned to your Toolbar, to help you conveniently access them again in the future. You can easily pin additional buttons to the Toolbar:

  1. Click the More menu next to the search box to see other tools you’ve enabled.
  2. Right-click the tool you’d like to pin to the Toolbar.
  3. Select Pin button.

To pin all your buttons to the Toolbar at once, right-click the Toolbar and select Pin all buttons. Note that depending on the size of your browser window, some of your pinned buttons may still be hidden if they don't fit on your Toolbar.

If you don’t see a tool in the More menu, the tool is most likely not enabled. To enable the tool, click the wrench wrench icon on your Toolbar and select the checkbox for the tool you want to enable. The tool will now appear in the More menu.

Unpin buttons

To unpin a button from your Toolbar, just right-click its button and uncheck Pin button. The tool will still be available from the More menu.

To disable the tool and remove its button altogether, right-click the button and select Disable.