Enable or disable the Quick Search Box

Quick Search Box for Windows

The Quick Search Box feature has been retired and is no longer offered with Google Toolbar for IE.

Quick Search Box for Mac

Start the Quick Search Box by going to the Applications folder in Finder and clicking Google Quick Search Box.

To close the Quick Search Box, hold Ctrl on your keyboard, click the Quick Search Box icon in your Dock, then select Quit. You can also click the icon in the menu bar, if available, and select Quit Google Quick Search Box.

You can use the Quick Search Box to close itself! Learn how

  1. Open the Quick Search Box.
  2. Start typing Google Quick Search Box in the search box.
  3. Select 'Google Quick Search Box' when it shows up as a result.
  4. Press Tab on your keyboard to see your available actions.
  5. Select Quit and press Enter on your keyboard.


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