Charge your Titan Security Key

Important: Bluetooth-capable Titan Security Keys are no longer available for purchase via Google Store or authorized third-party distributors.

From time to time, you’ll need to charge your Bluetooth-compatible Titan Security Keys. If your Bluetooth-compatible Titan Security isn’t charged, it can still be used via USB.

Note: Be sure the charger and device are well-ventilated when in use or charging. Consult the Health and Safety information before using or charging your device.

  1. Make sure you have:
    • A Bluetooth-compatible Titan Security Key
    • The Bluetooth key connecting cable (Micro-USB) that came with your Titan Security Key
    • A USB-A port or power adapter available
  2. Connect the small end of your connecting cable to the bottom of your key.
  3. Connect the large end of your connecting cable to a USB-A port or power adapter. You’ll know the key is charging when the indicator at the bottom lights up.

Know when the battery is running low

The indicator light at the bottom of the key flickers red when your key needs to be charged.

Get improved battery life

Avoid fully draining the battery on your key. Try to charge the battery often.

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