Tilt Brush License and Brand Guidelines

Tilt Brush has two available licenses: Standard and Commercial (EULA). This article is not meant to replace the official EULA, but should be considered a guideline for how to follow our terms.

Tilt Brush standard license:
The Tilt Brush standard license allows you to...

  • Create any sketch
  • Use sketches you created, or videos, snapshots, gifs, or 3D models of the sketch you created in any way without need for Google approval. Examples:
    • Sketches created by artists, casual users, non-ad media producers, etc., e.g.:
      • Animations / videos
      • Drawings
      • Artwork turned into prints or 3D art and displayed or sold
    • Videos, snapshots, gifs, or 3D models of sketches created specifically for ads, eg:
      • Billboards
      • Online Ads
      • TV / videos
  • Use Tilt Brush for work as the employee of a company, e.g: 
    • Indie developers can make and sell a game with Tilt Brush assets
    • Production companies can use TB for pre-viz
    • Car manufacturer employees can use TB to sketch up a car
  • Use/allow others to use/demo Tilt Brush and/or TB artwork in public for non-commercial or non-profit use without charging for it
    • Art/gallery/museum exhibits
    • Charity events
    • Film/TV use (requires formal permission)

Example scenarios: 

  • An indie game developer is working on a new project. 
  • An individual has a contract to do some design work for a shoe company. 
  • A fundraiser for cancer research wants to setup a Tilt Brush demo station at an event.
  • A car manufacturer employee wants to use Tilt Brush to sketch out some ideas. 
  • An educator wants to use Tilt Brush in their art class.

Tilt Brush commercial license:
The Tilt Brush commercial license allows you to do all that can be done with the standard license, plus it allows you to…

  • Charge people to use the Tilt Brush product, e.g. at a VR Arcade
  • Use the Tilt Brush product for installations to draw users to a business/product, e.g:
    • A department store can put a Tilt Brush station in their store and let people use it
    • A movie theater can put a Tilt Brush station in their lobby to attract visitors
  • Use the Tilt Brush product for promotional events within reason (see YT guidelines), e,g:
    • An energy drink company can have a Tilt Brush booth at a skateboarding competition
    • A chocolate company can have a nationwide experiential campaign inviting people to design labels in Tilt Brush
  • Create a video portraying Tilt Brush in use (requires formal permission)

How to acquire a commercial license:

  1. Sign up for the Steam site license
  2. Once you have the Steam site license, you can buy the commercial version of Tilt Brush on Steam (it will show up when you sign up for the site license).

Brand guidelines:

If you are using exported Tilt Brush sketches, or gifs/videos/stills created using the in-app camera, there is no requirement to attribute the work to Tilt Brush or preserve the watermark.

If you are showing the use of the Tilt Brush app itself in a live demo/presentation or filmed scene, please review the following brand guidelines:

  • Tilt Brush should be shown in a positive light, e.g. do not use Tilt Brush to create violent imagery.
  • Tilt Brush is best used as a tool to create volumetric artwork -- try to avoid painting “2D” sketches, in favor of art that showcases the room-scale nature of the product.  
  • We encourage artists and users to share their work to the Tilt Brush online gallery, so anyone can view their work on any device.
  • If you are using mixed reality, you can turn off the headset/controller outlines through the config (instructions).
  • Tilt Brush must be demoed on a VR capable machine with a Nvidia GTX 980 GPU or superior.
  • “Tilt Brush” and “Google” must both be mentioned by name.
  • The "Tilt Brush by Google" logo must be included in the presentation or displayed next to the demo station.
  • Do not alter the logo in any way. The purple, teal and orange Tilt Brush logo should always be used. A white logo is only used in GIFs created by Tilt Brush.
  • Do not imply a partnership with Tilt Brush or Google.

For TV / film / commercials / online video, you will also need to request formal permission to use Tilt Brush in your content.


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