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Saving and sharing your Tilt Brush sketches

When you are finished with your 3D creations, you can save your Tilt Brush sketch to your computer and your Tilt Brush Gallery. You can also take GIFs or videos of your art to send to friends or post online. 

Saving a sketch

While painting, you can save your sketch to avoid losing changes.

  1. Select Sketchbook > Save to Gallery.
  2. Take a snapshot of your sketch to use as an icon image.
  3. To save, select Yes. Your sketch will save to your Tilt Brush Gallery and to your computer.
  4. To open a sketch: On your computer, go to Documents/Tilt Brush/Sketches.

Trouble saving sketches

If you can't select Yes to save your sketch, make sure you take a snapshot for your sketch. Then, try to select Yes again.

Sharing your Tilt Brush sketches

To share your creations outside of Tilt Brush, click Share to publish your sketch to the online gallery. Once you have published your sketch, you can share the link to your sketch on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Additionally, you can capture and share your art in a number of formats:

  • Videos
  • Auto GIF and 5-second GIF
  • 2D Snapshots of sketches
  • .fbx files
  • .obj files
  • ODS 360 videos

Save in various file formats using Cameras

  1. While in your sketch, go to Tools > Cameras.
  2. With your painting controller, swipe the thumbpad to toggle between Auto GIF, 5-second GiF, video, and snapshot.
  3. After selecting your option, your image file will save to the Documents folder on your computer.
  4. You can then share photos, videos, and GIFs or your artwork online. 

Note: Using Cameras will not save the sketch file to gallery.

Take a 5-second GIF

  1. Select 5-second GIF from the Cameras menu.
  2. On your painting controller, hold down the trigger to start recording. You can release the trigger to reposition or paint, then hold down the trigger again to continue recording.
  3. When the recording hits 5-seconds, the GIF will be saved to your desktop under Documents/Tilt Brush/Snapshots.

Take a video

  1. Select Video from the Cameras menu. 
  2. On your painting controller, tap the trigger to start recording. Tap the trigger again to stop.
  3. Your captured video will be saved to your desktop under Documents/Tilt Brush/Videos

Upload a video to YouTube

  1. Select Video from the Cameras menu. 
  2. On your painting controller, tap the trigger to start recording. Tap the trigger again to stop.
  3. Hold down the thumbpad after a video has finished recording to go into Preview mode.
  4. If you like the video you’ve captured, hold down the checkmark to upload.
  5. If you haven't already, you will need to sign-into your YouTube account in your default desktop browser.

Export your sketch file to .fbx

.fbx is a popular format for 3D modeling, and can be used in applications like Blender and Maya. 

  1. From the Tools panel, select MoreLabs > Export
  2. An .fbx file, brush texture, and geometry will be saved to Tilt Brush/exports.