Use Tez for Business

Create and redeem offers

After you've been approved for Tez for Business, you’ll be able to create and share offers with Tez users.

Create an offer

Make sure all offers comply with the Tez for Business Terms of Service (ToS), including the program and content policies.

To create an offer, follow these steps:

  1. Click the unique link in the email you get after you sign up for Tez for Business.
  2. Fill in all the requested information. 
    Note: Make sure you enter the correct Tez for Business ID and the offers point-of-contact’s (PoC) email ID. 
  3. The offer will be reviewed. It can take up to 10 days for you to find out if your offer is approved.
  4. If the offer meets our internal review criteria, you’ll get a confirmation email with the approved offer ID. 

    Note: You’ll need to submit this offer ID at the time of redemption. If we need more information, we’ll email the PoC.

Redeem an offer

When a user redeems an offer while making a payment on your website, you’ll send a payment request to the user via Tez. 

In the payment request, make sure you include the offer ID you received in the confirmation email. This ID will help you and Tez identify which payment transactions are tied to the offer.

Note: To learn more, refer to the tutorial in the welcome email you received. 

Delete an offer

To delete an offer, contact Tez support.

Resolve issues

If you’re having trouble setting up an offer, make sure:

  • You’re using the nominated offers PoC’s email ID. Note: To change the offers PoC’s email ID, contact Tez support.

  • You complied with the ToS, including program and content policies. After you're sure your offer complies with our policies, re-submit the offer. Note: We'll reject any offer that doesn’t meet the ToS and policy requirements.

If you still need help, contact us. Make sure you have your Tez for Business ID ready for account verification.

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