Use keyboard shortcuts for Google Tasks

You can use keyboard shortcuts to save time on tasks.

Action Shortcut
Create a task Enter
Mark a task as complete Space
Indent task

+ ] (Mac)

Ctrl + ] (Windows)
Remove indent

+ [ (Mac)

Ctrl + [ (Windows)
Add below Return (except in notes field)
Add sub-item

+ Opt +Return (Mac)

Ctrl + Alt + Return (Windows)
Finish editing Esc or Enter
More actions . (period) or v
Move down

+ Down (Mac)

Ctrl + Down (Windows)
Move to bottom

+ Shift + Down (Mac)

Ctrl + Shift + Down (Windows)
Add to starred s, +, =
Remove from starred s, -
Move to list . (period) or v
Move to top

+ Shift + Up (Mac)

Ctrl + Shift + Up (Windows)
Move up

+ Up (Mac)

Ctrl + Up (Windows)
Print a task list

+ p (Mac)

Ctrl + p (Windows)
Report spam !
Select first

Opt + Up (Mac)

Home (Windows)
Select last

Opt + Down (Mac)

End (Windows)

Show the list of shortcuts

+ / (Mac)

Ctrl + / (Windows)


+ z (Mac)

Ctrl + z (Windows)

Get more done with Google Tasks!

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