Get started with Shared Google Tasks

For Shared Tasks in Google Chat, you need to have Chat turned on. Get started with Google Chat.

With Shared Tasks, you can:

  • Check the status of a Shared Task.
  • Update a Shared Task from a Chat space or, if it’s assigned to you, from your personal task list.
  • Verify info, like when your assigned task was created and by whom, if your Chat space history is on.
  • Chat about the task in a threaded space.

Create Shared Tasks from a Chat space

You can only create and assign a Shared Task within a Chat space. Learn how to create and assign tasks in a Google Chat space.

When Shared Tasks get assigned to you:

  • They go into your default list. You can move them into a new or different personal list.
  • If you have a time and/or date attached, your task’s info appears in your personal task list, Chat space, and Google Calendar.
  • You can delete a task or edit task info, like the date or time. Those changes are reflected on your assigned Shared Tasks within the Chat space.

Tip: Shared Tasks in a Chat space can’t have subtasks or recur.

Learn about Shared Tasks in a Chat space

  • Notifications are sent in the Chat space when tasks are:
    • Created
    • Assigned, reassigned, or unassigned
    • Completed or marked as uncompleted
    • Deleted before they are completed
  • When your Chat space is deleted, all its tasks are deleted from that space and their assignee’s task list.
  • When a user with an assigned task leaves or is removed from a Chat space, their tasks remain assigned to them.
    • If a user leaves, they can edit the assigned task and view the name of the Chat space in their personal task list. They can also rejoin the Chat space.
    • If a user is removed, they can edit the assigned task, but can’t view the name of the Chat space in their personal task list. To rejoin the Chat space, they must be invited again.
  • When your Google Account is deleted, your tasks get unassigned but remain in the Chat space.

Tip: If you delete a shared task, any related messages remain in the chat. If you use a work or school account, you can delete your messages at any time from the Chat space.

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