Get started with shared tasks

With shared tasks in Google Chat and Google Docs, you can:
  • Assign a task to someone to complete.
  • Check the status of a shared task.
  • Update a shared task from a shared surface, like a space or a document.
  • Update a shared task assigned to you from your personal task list.

Tip: You can neither create a subtask nor repeat shared tasks.

Learn how shared tasks work

You can create and assign a shared task in:

When shared tasks are assigned to you:

  • Shared tasks go into your default list in Tasks, but you can move them into different lists.
  • Your task appears in:
    • Your personal task list
    • Shared spaces, like a chat space or document
    • Google Calendar, if the task has a date and time
  • You can edit or delete the task.
    • Changes are reflected on your assigned shared tasks in a space or document.
  • If you have access to the space or document history, you can confirm who completed the task or changed the assignee.

Tip: You can report an assigned task as spam from a shared surface, like a space or document. Learn how to report assigned tasks as spam.

Learn about shared tasks notifications

  • You receive notifications when tasks are:
    • Created
    • Assigned, reassigned, or unassigned
    • Completed or marked as incomplete
    • Deleted without being completed
  • In Chat, you receive notifications about the tasks in the space.
  • In Google Docs, you receive email notifications, which includes the email address of the assignee. You also get notifications when the date or title changes.

Tip: For any task changes you make yourself, you won’t get notifications.

Learn about deleted shared tasks

When a shared task is deleted, it’s removed from your personal task list and the shared space.

  • If the task is in Chat: Any related messages remain in the space until you delete them.
  • If the task is in Google Docs and you:
    • Have edit access:
      • The task no longer shows in the document, but the checklist item and text remain.
    • Don’t have edit access:
      • The task shows as deleted next to the checklist item.
      • Any collaborators with edit access can accept these changes.
      • Tasks continue to show in the list stream until the deletion is accepted.

Important: To review deleted tasks, go to “Version history” in the document. Learn how to find what’s changed in a document.

If the space or document is deleted:

  • In Chat: All tasks are deleted from that space and their assignee’s personal task list.
  • In Google Docs: All tasks stay on your personal task list but you can’t view the linked doc because it’s deleted.

If a Google Account is deleted:

  • In Chat: Shared tasks assigned to you are unassigned but remain in the space.
  • In Google Docs: Shared tasks assigned to you remain in the document but are assigned to an unknown user.

If you lose access to the space or document:

  • Your tasks remain assigned to you. Changes you make are reflected in the shared space.
    • Tip: In Google Docs, a collaborator with edit access has to accept your changes before they’re applied.

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