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I no longer have tasks. Can I get more?

You get tasks based on your performance, which includes factors such as your accuracy and whether you have previously violated any of our policies. When your performance increases or pending tasks are reviewed, you get new tasks. When a requester needs more work done and adds them to the platform, you should find more tasks.

Why does it take so long to open a task?

Due to the popularity of certain tasks, when you open tasks, you might experience delays. Make sure your device is connected to the internet and refresh the screen. If the issue remains, wait for a few minutes and check again later.

I’ve been told that “this task isn’t right for me.” Why?

Before you can access the task, requesters of some tasks might require a specific skill set, which will be assessed via certain questions. You didn’t provide the most appropriate answers to these questions. This means that this task isn’t fully suitable for you. This assessment has no impact on your accuracy score.

With the platform, Task Mate provides a wide variety of tasks. Check other tasks that might be better suited for you.

Why was my task result rejected? Why did my accuracy drop?

When other Taskers don’t agree with your answer, tasks will be rejected. This might affect your accuracy. The requester can’t reject tasks but the requester can perform a “spot check” on your work. As a reminder, if you don’t know the answer to a question, rather than risk an accuracy drop, click Skip.

Why won’t the images load?

Sometimes, the images provided by a requester might not load correctly. If this happens, either skip the task or check again later. If you notice this problem exists for more than 24 hours, contact us with the name of the task.

How will my demographic information be used?

It’s optional to provide your demographic information. If you provide this information, Task Mate uses it to show you the most relevant tasks.

Why are my tasks still under review for days?

To make sure that the tasks are accurate and of the quality that’s required, the tasks you do are often reviewed by other Taskers. If there are no available Taskers who are authorized to review, tasks can take a few days to be reviewed. In rare cases, tasks might take up to a week or longer to be reviewed.

I’d like a referral code

Thank you for your interest in Task Mate. At this time, we have limited access to Task Mate and we’re not able to extend further invites.

I found Task Mate invite codes being sold or distributed online. Are these real?

No, it’s very likely these aren’t real invite codes. We do not recommend purchasing invite codes from anyone.

Some users offer to take on tasks or give answers on Task Mate for payment. Can I use their services?

Task Mate doesn't endorse such practices. We recommend that you do not engage with them. These services may be fraudulent. You may just lose money or get wrong answers, which can affect your accuracy score. Complete the tasks on your own, and attempt only those tasks you feel qualified to do.

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