I'd like to change my Google Talk alias.

You can change your Google Talk alias from your Google Account settings. Note that your alias is different from your username - your username is used to sign in and can't be changed, while your alias is a 'display' name that can be updated at any time.

Changing your alias can also affect how your name is displayed in other Google products.

To change your alias:

1. Sign in to Google Talk.
2. Click Settings along the top of your Friends list.
3. Highlight General along the left side of the window, and click Account settings.
4. Click Edit next to Personal information.
5. Fill out one or both of the First Name and Last Name fields.
6. Click Save.

To see your changes, you'll need to sign out and sign back in to Google Talk.

Keep in mind that your friends have the ability to change the way your name appears in their own Friends lists, and you can rename your friends, also. Changing the names of friends never affects their accounts or aliases -- the changes only appear in the list in which they were made. To rename a friend, right-click his or her name in your Friends list and select Rename...