Features only available with a Gmail account

Google Talk requires a Google Account to sign in. If you have Gmail on your Google Account, you'll have access to some exclusive Talk features.

  • Sending voicemails - you'll still be able to receive voicemails from your friends, but you'll need to have Gmail in order to send voicemails.
  • Sending emails - Google Talk can link directly to Gmail to help you send messages to your friends.
  • Gmail notifications - Google Talk provides new message notifications for your Gmail inbox.
  • Chat history - if you have Gmail, you can opt to log your chats in Gmail. This lets you revisit your chats and search for important information from old conversations.
  • Offline chats - users with Gmail can receive chats even when they're not signed in to Google Talk! You'll be notified of any chats sent while you were offline when you sign in to Google Talk or Gmail.

You can sign up for Gmail at http://mail.google.com/mail/signup.