Sending chats to an offline friend

You can still send chats for your friend to receive when they're offline. The next time they sign in, they'll get your chat. Just click their name in your Google Talk Friends list and send your message from the chat window - your message will appear the next time they sign in to Talk.

Your friend will see your chat as an unread message in their inbox if they sign in to Gmail before signing in to Talk.

Troubleshooting tips

If you try to send an offline message to a friend who's offline, and receive the following message:

friend's name is offline and can't receive messages right now

then your friend isn't able to receive offline messages. This is due to one of the following situations:

  • your friend's Google Talk username isn't associated with a Google Account that has Gmail. Offline messages can only be sent to users who have Gmail on their Google Accounts.
  • your friend has disabled chat history.
  • you were chatting off the record when your friend went offline. Click Stop chatting off the record and try again.