Leaving a voicemail message

Want to call your friend, but they're not available in Google Talk? Would it be easier to explain something out loud than to write a long email? Leave a voicemail!

If you call another Google Talk user, and they don't pick up your call, you'll be sent to their voicemail. You can leave a message of up to 10 minutes for them - your message will be sent to their email account, where they'll be able to download your message as an MP3 file. If they're a Gmail user, they can simply click Play from the message view.

You can also choose to send a voicemail without first ringing the recipient:

  1. Roll over their name in your Google Talk Friends list.
  2. Click the down arrow in their contact card to open the options menu and select Send voicemail.
  3. Leave your message after the meep!

Otherwise, when you call a contact, voicemail will pick up after four rings.