I'm having trouble signing in to Google Talk

Please check to ensure that you didn't reset your Google Account password. Note: if you use Gmail you may have done this through the Gmail interface. Changing your Google Account password (including your Gmail password) will also change your Google Talk password, since your sign-in information is the same.

If you didn't reset your password, and you're unable to sign in to Google Talk, please follow this troubleshooting checklist:

Are you entering the correct username?

Make sure that you're entering the same username you provided during the Google Account set-up process.

If you're using Gmail to sign in and can't remember your exact username, learn how to recover it.

Are you using the correct password?

If you're unsure of or have forgotten your password, visit the Google Accounts Password Assistance page. If you signed up for 2-step verification, please make sure you are using an application-specific password in place of your regular account password. You can generate an application-specific password on your Authorizing applications and sites page.

Did you delete your Google Account?

If you deleted your Google Account, it can't be re-enabled, so you won't be able to sign in to Google Talk. You can create a new Google Account.