AdWords Conversion Tracking

To set up an AdWords conversion tracking tag in Google Tag Manager, you'll need to supply the Conversion ID, Conversion Label, and Conversion Value:

  1. In Google Tag Manager, start a new Google AdWords tag. From the home screen use New Tag → Google AdWords, or from the Tags listing page, click the red New button.
  2. Select the triggers you wish to use to fire the tag.
  3. In your AdWords account, navigate to Tools → Conversions.
  4. Click the Code tab.
  5. Select I make changes to the code.
  6. In the code box, find the values for the following variables and enter their corresponding values in Google Tag Manager's tag configuration:

AdWords Code Variable

Google Tag Manager configuration


Conversion ID


Conversion Label


Conversion Value (optional)
Note: If you'd like to populate a value dynamically, select a variable from the dropdown menu or create a new one.

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