Global Site Tag (gtag.js) Errors

Note: If you are using Google Tag Assistant to verify conversion tracking and remarketing tags that were implemented using gtag.js, you will see an additional entry titled "Global site tag (gtag.js)" in addition to your AdWords conversion tracking or remarketing tags.

Account ID in gtag.js URL is invalid or missing

The global site tag snippet loads gtag.js using the following path: /gtag/js?id=PRODUCT_ACCOUNT_ID, where PRODUCT_ACCOUNT_ID is an ID for the product and account (or property) from which the global site tag snippet was generated (or should be associated).

Failing to properly set this ID should not directly affect the data received by your accounts, but may affect future functionality.

Solution: Ensure that the ID in your gtag.js code is correct.

gtag() commands are found without a global snippet

gtag() commands have been detected without a global site tag snippet present.

Without the proper global site tag installed, calls to gtag() won't work. 

Solution: Ensure that the global site tag is properly installed on the page.