What is Merchant Center Validation and how do I use it?

For clients that use Dynamic Ads, Tag Assistant provides the ability to validate the product information in the New Remarketing Tag against the information in your Merchant Center data feed. This allows you to ensure that the values passed via custom parameters in the Remarketing tag match the product values in the data feed. When you visit a page that contains the Remarketing tag with custom parameters, you can use this functionality:
  1. Click into Tag Assistant and expand the ‘working’ section for Remarketing Tag
  2. Note the ‘Validate Product Id’ line item at the bottom of the Remarketing Tag field.
  3. Click ‘not validated yet’ to expand the validation section
  4. Enter your Merchant Center ID in the first box
  5. Set the country that you wish to validate against (note that it must be a country eligible for Dynamic Ads)
  6. Set the custom parameter and Merchant Center attribute you would like to check
  7. Click ‘Validate’
If the value in the custom parameters matches the Merchant Center feed, you should see a green ‘validated’ notice. If not, you will see a blue ‘not validated yet’ notice. 
Note: if you are consistently validating products against the same Merchant Center ID, you may check the 'Auto-validate' box to ensure that you won't need to re-enter the Merchant Center ID each time you're checking key/value pairs.