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Hi, I have a ten question survey with a matrix of six answers.  Depending on the answer, each question is assigned a score between 1-6 (each question gets a score).  I then have a formula that takes several of the answers and reveals a final score between 0 and 100.  There will be about 6 different measures to be scored.  I then want to give instant results to the survey taker with a customized dashboard - I have not determined what that should look like yet, but there will be different commentary and bar charts depending where on where on the 0-100 scale people land.  Any thoughts on how to do this?
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I was thinking that since it is a score of several separate questions, then maybe classify each question on a scale that puts your answer into "common" to "uncommon" type of relative breakdowns with how many in total answered and where each individual fits in with a breakdown of ranges. Maybe from there an option to see other info on others answers (maybe not specifically revealing the name and area they experience the topics involved. Or keep it anonymous, and having each participant decide the extent if their personal involvement being available or not available to be seen at all!). That would point out the various opinions and the common opinion shared amongst the population and how common that opinion is shared in the different areas of the Country and the world scale that u are using that specific survey in! I would be interested in seeing Knoxville, Tennessee area opinion against New York.  Or Floridas common against California or Texas versus Alaska type of variations. There could be various links to click on for "important" or for "curiosity" values that would also continue to keep them contributing  to the value of of the opinions and help keep the depth of each individuals interest, value of each contributor,  and how they can be better surveyed in the future! And with that, it could grow into a very valuable information ladder that only gets bigger and deeper everyday! After 5 years and a multi millions of surveys done, Google will be able to know and understand the who, what, when, why , and where Google can either provide the users a "your interests" or "not your usual area of interests" to provide Google to just need to know if the individual is wanting "comfortable usual interests" , "Feeling adventurous today" ( specific date & time info they can provide in a link for their convenience and Googles organizing needs) , and each individual can have an ADD ID of sorts to provide new acquaintances to look at each others opinions and interests over the term of time they have been using Google in general (again individuals can set the limit of view of the depth of info available to others while Google only gets deeper into the worlds interest to the point of ENDLESS perfection of knowledge of its customers.
        Im sorry I got off in a tangent of blabbing! I would LOVE to have more to do with Google and helping it be the must have of our future. Good luck with your task and i probably didnt even help with your question while my mind just got into what i believe i would LOVE to see happen and how and why its a MUST have to perfect my life for me!  Lol... Best wishes to you and tell the Google family that my life is better and easier especially as much improved and better technology becoming more and more Google bound and has limitless possibilities!
                                               Good luck,
                                                    Leon Welch  May 21, 2018
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 Thank you Leon
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Thanks for all the details. Very helpful. Real quick, to help out everyone.
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Thanks for sharing this knowledge with us its really helpful.


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